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Sorry gals.....I've been busy still!! I had my jewelry party on Friday and was surprised at the good turn out!! I had 13 adults show up and had two orders before the show!! We had a lot of fun with the girls really acting up!! I'm not sure how good my sales were but we're closing the show tomorrow and I'll know then.

We had Chi Alpha here on Saturday. They came about 1:00 and stayed until about 11:00!!! They forgot the porta-potties so I had the kids in the house but they are so polite and great kids that I really didn't mind. I went out and watched them carve pumpkins!! So funny......remember these are college students and one carved a pumpkin "pi"!!!

I got to talk to several of them......from Germany, Africa, India, Haiti, and some Orientals.....and maybe others. It's always so interesting!!

Sunday we had church then went out to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant in a local town then went to Wal-mart with Dae Lynn and Damon. Then we made it back to town in time for church again. We had an evangelist Sunday through Tuesday. He was really good!!!

I called an antique mall in Joplin and reserved a glass case for me to put some of my things in. I'm not selling hardly anything here in Fredonia so I'm going to move a lot of it to a bigger store so I'm pricing some stuff to take over there on Thursday.

Life has just been crazy lately!! The good news is that I'm feeling really good and have lost a little bit more weight!! Now if I can just keep my sanity through October!!!!
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