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You got a buy, Janet!!!!! Too bad that you didn't make a profit on it but I understand when it's family......

We went to church this morning and out to eat afterwards. Then we took a washer and two dryers to a little town about 25 miles away.......Dae Lynn had a garage sale yesterday and sold them for $10.....ALL of them........but the guy didn't pick them up........Well, Glen didn't know that and he went to town and got the trailer and brought it home with the three appliances on it. It ended up that Dae Lynn had the guys name and we ran them up to probably cost us more than $10 to haul them up to him. LOL......However, Glen had a cousin that just passed away and her home was up near there and it's been for sale for awhile and we checked to see what it needs to sell. I think that we're going to talk to her daughter about cleaning it up and finding out what she wants done with everything because she lives in Georgia. It was really hard to be in Karen's home knowing that she's not coming back. She was a very dear friend to me and I'm going to miss her.

Then we weren't too far from Jaci's house so we called her and she and Nate were working in the field so we went by and visited with them for awhile. I think that she was really tickled that we showed up. Boy....I sure miss having that girl around.

We missed going to church this evening because it was a special service for one of the girls at church. Now I need to price some things for the new antique mall that I have a booth in. Dae Lynn, the kids, and I are going to Jopling tomorrow to put some stuff in. Keep your fingers crossed that I sell something!!!!
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