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I'm a week late, so I'll talk about this weekend lol

We are heading to the lake (to visit Scott's parents) tomorrow. But first, Scott is driving a race car!!!! I got him a "race experience" package for his birthday so he is going to do a class and then do 15 laps. Ronan and I will be there to watch

On Sunday we are going to a CFL (Canada's version of NFL) football game! It is our friend's birthday and we got tickets with him. I have NEVER been to a professional football game before, but I watch them all on tv. Our team (Saskatchewan Roughriders) play the Winnipeg Blue Bombers every Labour Day weekend, and the game is known as the Labour Day Classic. It is always played here in Saskatchewan. The following weekend is always a rematch in Winnipeg called the Banjo Bowl. So this game is a pretty big deal for us Rider fans Thank goodness for grandparents who have no problem looking after Ro for the afternoon!

Hopefully we will have some time on (and in) the lake before it starts getting too chilly. You can definitely feel summer is coming to an end around here!

On Monday, Ronan will turn 6 months already! That means I'm halfway to going back to work When I think about it, panic starts to set in! I love being home with him so much, but we can't afford to live on one salary when maternity leave is over. A part of me misses work but I know it is going to be a really hard adjustment after a year at home.

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