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I hope you get to feeling better, Paula!!

Janet, it sounds like you had fun!! I like to go and look but I just hate standing around all day!!

The car sounds like it was still a pretty good deal but certainly not a bargain like the other cars were. Keep'll find something!!

I'm still painting.....Dae Lynn and I painted yesterday until almost 10 o'clock. We were absolutely worn out but we didn't have the kids and things go better without them. We went back at 4 o'clock today and worked a little bit more without the kids again. We have some touch ups in different areas but the bed rooms and living room are mostly Karlie's room we have to paint the ceiling, but it should go quickly. Lastly we have the kitchen and we're hoping to have it done by Tuesday!! I can't tell you how nice that everything looks. I'll post some pictures after we get everything done and I have time!!
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