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Today i have......

Got up at 7am, got ready for work, done some dishes, and put washing in as it looks to be a nice day (Dave will hang it out to dry when he comes home from work later).
Got to work for 8am, was quite busy today so day went very quick - as i like it too.
Arrived home at 5, sat and had a coffee and chat to family, brought washing in from garden. Now on computer catching up, waiting for my favorite TV programmes to start.

Not sure what to have to eat............... everyone else has eaten, may just have baked potatoe with melted cheese and onion, and some salad, that is a nice easy meal.

My Mottos are....
Just live for today..... and let tomorrow take care of itself

Live each day as if it's your last - and hope that tomorrow you wake up to find that it wasn't
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