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Yesterday, I went out just to be outside. It was a beautiful day. I was going to take the dogs, but I would have had to leave them in the car for too long.

Went to the post office, and got 3 tops I bought - 2 on eBay and one from Kohl's The Kohl's top will probably go to Mackenzie. It's a bit shapeless for me. The thermal henley is great, and the other top will also go to Mackenzie too. I do this every online and then only like about 1/2 the stuff I get. Have to stop!

Then, went to Jessie's to bring them the tickets for "Wicked." Visited for a while, played with the dogs. Muffin, the new yorkie pup is so cute! I love their little dogs! Hate the big ones! I never go out to see them.

I helped Kassidy with her reading comprehension hw, while the devil came out in her! Jessie was laughing at how she gets away with things with me! Then Mackenzie and I did her math hw, which I don't know at all. Metric conversions....boring!!! Since she has been wrapping me around her finger for longer than Kass, I ended up finishing her hw for her. Jess laughed at me again! Then we watched the video of "Annie."

They are going to see "Wicked" today. I hope they have a wonderful time!

Steve, who has been ultra grumpy lately (not working), got on me for buying them the tickets because then Jess has to drive to Amtrak and home. It's about an hour and some away, and she doesn't do well driving distances. I understand that he worries. We discussed it, and I said that maybe he should drive them and pick them up from Amtrak. He admitted that that's a pain in the neck. A while later, he came inside and apologized to me!!! I almost fell off the couch! It was nice, to say the least.

I came home, played online for a while, grilled dinner, watched tv, and that was that.

It was a very nice day.

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