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I had a hectic day at work, meetings, meetings, meetings. I was brain dead by 4:00. I was trying to do a bit of math in my head, and it just wouldn't work!

On the way home it started to rain and I thought, YAY! It's raining on my yard. NOT. It was dry as a bone when I got home. But then it did rain a little bit later.

Gary said, "Let's go to Schlotzky's" I don't know if you all have them up north. It's a really good sandwich shop, and now it has pizza. I LOVE the smoked turkey sandwich and it is not bad calorie/fat wise. So, I didn't have to cook.

Then we stopped at Lowe's and got a little garden frog with a yellow umbrella. He's standing upright on 2 legs holding the umbrella over his head. The umbrella is actually like a yellow daisy. Sounds hokey and it sorta is, but cute. We also got a little turtle with a butterfly on his back. Next thing you know, I'll have garden gnomes - it could happen
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