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How is everyones weekend going?

Summer is about over.... makes me sad!!!
Today I started out at a estate sale. Small one, not much there, but I did get a couple small corningware with lid containers. 50 cents each. Perfect for lunches. Trying to do away with my plastic and teflon coated cookware. Also a nice leather checkbook holder with compartments 50 cents. Brand new in the package, not assembled with store price tag on for $29.99 pull along grocery cart. Got it for $5.00
Should be handy to take to flea markets and auctions to fill with those unexpected treasures I find...

then off to a auction. Got a box of muffin pans, cookie sheets, 6 qt. pot with lid, cooling racks.. lots of stuff in there all for $2.00
very nice heavy 5 qt. pan with lid for $7.50, bid on and won for a friend who had to leave early, mid sized wagnareware magnalite roaster. She didn't want to go over $40 and I thought I got it for $37.50, then when I cashed out it was $27.50... deal of the day!! Hated to give it up as I loved it also, but told her I would get it for her and I did.

then off to late lunch with friends. Home now and my neighbor boy stopped over with a present for me.. beautiful huge ceramic cat! I have a dog and cat collection of life sized ceramic cats/dogs and this one fit in nicely.

then opened up a ebay package that came today.. two small cute chalkware maltese dogs. Will put those up in my bathroom.

good day to be me!!!!
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